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  • Exploring Italy part three: The Amalfi Coast

    For the final stretch of our holiday, we left Rome and headed south to the stunning and historic Amalfi Coast. A land of history, culture and breathtaking views, this oft forgotten part of southern Italy is the perfect place to unwind by the beach, especially after a packed few days exploring Rome. The Amalfi coast is perhaps most famous for Pompeii; the ancient town that in 79 AD was destroyed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius; and Naples, the bustling and vibrant city that has risen from the ashes of this destruction to become one of the most exciting cities in modern Europe.

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  • Exploring Italy part two: The Eternal City

    Following on from our trip to San Marino, we decided to go further down the Italian peninsula to Rome, the capital and largest city in Italy. Traditionally called the Caput Mundie, meaning the capital of the world, Rome used to be the heart of the world’s most powerful empire. Controlling significant amounts of land in Europe, Africa and Asia, at its height Rome really was the centre of the world. Although these days are long gone, the remanence of this grandeur remains in Rome’s stunning architecture, culture, and history-soaked streets.

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  • Exploring Italy part one

    Last year, the summer of 2022, seemed to be the first time since Covid that travel was easy and accessible without regulations. Having just completed my first year of university, my partner and I decided to make the most of this new freedom and explore Italy. But instead of a city break, like I explored last time with Amsterdam, we decided to do more of a road trip around Italy. However, instead of using cars, we used entirely public transport to get between the four main locations we visited.

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