Digital Presentations

Understand the Risks before Embarking on your Next Adventure.

Digital Safety Presentations

Talking Travel Safety

For people who are unable to attend a live presentation we have created 6 short bite size videos offering an insight into travelling and travel safety. Watch all videos on our YouTube Channel and don’t forget to subscribe to keep up to date with our videos and travel safety information.

Caroline’s Rainbow Foundation

Episode: One

A registered UK charity, working to raise awareness of the importance of safer travel to anyone going travelling. We work with the education sector, the Foreign Office and other organisations to provide easily accessible and helpful information about safe travel.

What Is Personal Safety?

Episode: Two

Founder of Caroline’s Rainbow Foundation, Richard Stuttle discusses the question “What is Personal Safety?” and draws upon personal experience from travelling.

Travel Pyramid

Episode: Three

Before embarking on a travelling experience, it’s very important to get a good foundation of knowledge. We’ve put together a model we call the ‘Travel Pyramid’. The model consists of three layers: Research, Preparation, Travel. Richard explains the reasoning behind this model and it’s importance, drawing upon his own experiences from travelling.

Knowledge, Awareness, Response

Episode: Four

We’ve been working in the travel safety sector and the travel industry since 2002 and over that time, we’ve boiled travel safety down to three key areas; Knowledge, Awareness and Response.

Who holds the keys?

Episode: Five

In episode five of our Digital Presentation series, Richard Stuttle discusses the question “Who holds the keys?”. He also discusses issues around travel safety and some potential dangers to be aware of when travelling.

Talking Safer Travel

Episode: Six

In the sixth and final episode in our Digital Presentation series, Richard summarises the presentation. The video covers the charity milestones, future projects, including and Safer Travel Talk, discusses work travel and ties up the series nicely with a call-out for contributors for our projects.

Interactive Workshops

Our Safer Travel Interactive Workshops are delivered by our team, who are all experienced travellers and have undergone our extensive training program.

They fully understand our safety principles, awareness techniques and risk strategies. During the workshop they also tell some exciting stories and personal anecdotes from their adventures.