About Us

About Us

Caroline's Rainbow Foundation in a Family Run Charity based in the UK

Our Charity

Caroline’s Rainbow Foundation started after the tragic death of Caroline Ann Stuttle whilst she was on her gap year in 2002. Marjorie (Caroline’s mother) and Richard (her bother) decided to set up the charity to try to prevent what happened to Caroline happening to another backpacker and their family.

CRF is a UK registered charity working to raise awareness of the importance of safer travel, whether going abroad for independent travel, gap year placements, organised trips or simply making plans to visit a different country.

Safer Travel App

An easily accessible source of essential information for over 350 travel destinations around the globe. The App is free to download and packed with city specific information. As well as the App we are also putting all the information on our new website safertravel.org


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Our aim is to become the number one resource for travel safety information and advice.

Our Mission

Increasing numbers of young people and students in the UK are taking gap years, study abroad opportunities, winter or summer seasonal work. An important part of our work is to provide educational materials to young people and raise awareness about the importance of travelling safely.

Through the provision of travel education and advice, CRF is working to equip travellers with the essential knowledge that they need to stay safe and have fantastic adventures.

Get Involved

Making a donation is just one of the many ways you can help Caroline’s Rainbow Foundation. All donations that CRF receive go towards supporting our work and ambitious long term visions. Without your support, none of our work would be possible.

If you are passionate about safer travel and would like to become part of our team, please get in touch.