Caroline Ann Stuttle

Caroline Stuttle

Follow Your Dreams

Caroline Ann Stuttle

Caroline Stuttle was born on 2nd September 1982. She was taken from us in Bundaberg Australia during her gap year in April 2002. During her 19 years, she lived an outstanding life, fulfilling many personal goals.

Caroline was kind, confident and intuitive. She will always be remembered for her warmth, intelligence and compassion. Everyone who met Caroline loved her wonderful spirit. In particular, she had a bright, sweet nature and on occasion a little daring sense of humour which revealed her independence and self-reliance.

She was the quintessential young woman; popular, sociable and animated, and fitted so many things into her life with such energy and enthusiasm.

Caroline was incredibly friendly and loved the company of others. Her family and her friends were hugely important to her and the way she lived her life. She was particularly fond of her grandmother, whom she regularly visited and telephoned. She was also very close to her brother Richard, the pair becoming good friends as they grew up.

Caroline Stuttle photo infront of bridge

Caroline’s Rainbow Foundation has been created in the memory of a wonderful person, who was simply following her dream to explore the world. The foundation’s aim is to help other young travellers stay safe while still following their dreams.

Growing up

As a little girl, Caroline was a member of the local gymnastics club. She learnt ballet and tap and particularly loved swimming. Like many girls, horse riding became a real passion, and she rode regularly.

With a love for the outdoors, Caroline completed her Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award whilst at secondary school. She was an active Brownie and Girl Guide. Typically, Caroline’s giving and caring nature led her to continue working with such organisations and after her Guide years, she enjoyed volunteering with the local Rainbows group.

A creative individual, Caroline achieved an outstanding grade in her Art GCSE examination. Also at college she was an A grade Psychology student (which is why we started the yearly prize for the top student). She genuinely enjoyed expressing her creative nature through drawing and painting, and also through music. She tried her hand at the recorder and later played the cello and keyboard regularly throughout her teenage years. Her favourite piece to play was “My Heart Will Go On”, which was touchingly played at her funeral.

Her love and support for others

Caroline always showed kindness, love and consideration for others. She expressed emotion easily, giving frequent hugs of friendship, sympathy or tenderness. She loved, and was loved very much by her family, her boyfriend and a great number of close friends. She also showed a terrific love of animals, and was very attached to the numerous family pets over the years, in particular her dog, Jude.

Caroline had a wonderfully generous spirit; regardless of what she was doing, she would unthinkingly put it to one side to help others, whether it be sending thoughtful messages, sharing class notes, listening to others’ problems or giving lifts in her car. She would choose to send cards and mementos to show she cared, rather than just say so. Naturally sensitive and supportive of other people, she genuinely wanted those around her to be happy. Caroline was delighted by the success of others and never felt any envy or jealousy about their accomplishments. She knew intuitively how to help those around her, giving practical support when needed.  

Caroline’s family was important to her. She had many close friends, but she shared her energy equally among them all. She combined studying with working to save for her dreams, seeing her family and enjoying an active social life she shared with so many friends

Her dreams

Caroline had her heart set on a career in forensic psychology, an arduous career and by no means easy, but it is obvious she would have succeeded. Caroline possessed all the right qualities: she was sensitive, compassionate and non-judgmental so could understand those needing help. She was also rational and resilient enough for a challenging and consuming career. In their gap year, Caroline and her best friend left the UK to travel Australia before settling back down to study at University.

The photos are evidence of the wonderful time that Caroline enjoyed abroad, of making her dream a reality. Their tour of Australia led them to Sydney, followed by Queensland, and would have ultimately led them to the Great Barrier Reef, a place Caroline had dreamed of visiting for a long time.

During their travels, they experienced many adventurous activities, including camel trekking and wind surfing, they met lots of friends and became close to many other travellers who shared the same bond of such a fabulous adventure. Caroline’s hard work had paid off; she was living, and loving, her dream come true.

CRF hopes that other young people can learn from Caroline, inspiring kindness, compassion and generosity in others. Travelling and experiencing life while remaining alert wherever they may be. We must all be reminded not to waste a single moment, to set goals and achieve them, just like Caroline did. Help us not to let Caroline’s glow fade away.