Safer Travel Workshops

Preparing Travellers and Backpackers to Explore the World.

Travel Safety Workshops

Interactive Workshops

Our Safer Travel Interactive Workshops are delivered by our team, who are all experienced travellers and have undergone our extensive training program.

They fully understand our safety principles, awareness techniques and risk strategies. During the workshop they also tell some exciting stories and personal anecdotes from their adventures.

Travellers Interactive Workshop 

We tailor the workshops to the needs of each group. There are 8 essential modules which cover – planning an experience, travel safety during an adventure and returning home. In person workshops also include the VR Experience. There are a selection of additional modules which are tailored to the requirements of the group.

Essential modules

  • Module 1 – Planning your adventure
  • Module 2 – Before your adventure begins
  • Module 3 – Preparation and booking
  • Module 4 – Post pandemic travel
  • Module 5 – Personal and well-being
  • Module 6 – The K.A.R principles
  • Module 7 – Maximising your opportunities
  • Module 8 – Returning home

Additional modules (Choose 3 – tailor your safety course)

  • Module A – Winter Ski and snowboard escapes
  • Module B – Summer surfing, diving and beach sports
  • Module C – Camping and glamping
  • Module D – City breaks, weekend escapes
  • Module E – All-inclusive Hotels
  • Module F – Road trips, camper vans and car hire
  • Module G – Backpacking, extended holidays
  • Module H – Organised tours
  • Module I – Family holidays
  • Module J – Study abroad 
  • Module K – Volunteering opportunities
  • Module L – Female travel
  • Module M – Solo travel

VR Experience | The Airport

We have developed a Virtual Reality ‘Airport Scenario’ for travellers.

The fully immersive experience takes players through – arriving and checking in at the airport, all the way to boarding a flight. Each stage offers safety insights and awareness objectives. The experience is a game changer for people to understand the risks when travelling and test their knowledge in a safe environment.

Essential Modules

Understanding the risks when travelling is essential before you embark on your next adventure. The world is an amazing place and should be accessible to everyone who wishes to travel. Our aim is to give people the information they need and the ability to react appropriately in any situation they may face.

Please see the overviews for each essential module below.

Module 1

Planning your adventure

There are so many opportunities out there in the world it is sometimes difficult to decide on your next adventure. This module is designed to make you think carefully about where you would like to go and what experiences you would like to have.

Ask yourself the following

  • What is the adventure you are considering?
  • Why do you want to go?
  • When are you thinking of leaving?
  • Who else is going with you on this adventure?
  • How are you planning on travelling?
  • What are the costs involved?
  • What are the risks?

If you can answer these questions, you will have a good understanding and confidence that this adventure is going to be worth the time, effort and the expense.

Module 2

Before your adventure begins

Start getting excited, there is a great deal to be done in preparation. Research is key. When you are actually on your adventure time is precious, in the planning stages you have the opportunity to research and find out all the information you might need.

As well as looking at the exciting opportunities and reasons you would like to visit your chosen destination, it is equally important to research the key location and safety information.

  • Where is the tourist office, hospital and nearest embassy?
  • What are the tourist hotspots?
  • What’s a the most common crimes in relation to tourists? E.g., pickpocketing
  • What are the common scams?
  • What areas around city where you need to take extra care?
  • Are there any national holidays or large-scale events happening during my visit?
  • Other considerations should include, what is the political situation?

Module 3

Preparation and booking

It is always advisable to book your experiences in advance, book at least your first night’s accommodation. From your research you should have been able to find out if there any events or festivals happening when you plan to visit. This could affect availability for your accommodation and experiences as well as the price.

  • Plan a rough schedule
  • Book some of your experiences
  • Book your accommodation

Taking a look around the areas on Google maps and looking at photos of the major landmarks can also help you begin to build up a map of the city in your mind. This can make it easier when you arrive, the place will feel more familiar and will be able to better understand your location in the area.

Module 4

Post pandemic travel

Coronavirus is a major consideration for any travelling experience now and for the foreseeable future. It’s important to find out what restrictions are in place for UK travellers in the destinations you wish to visit.

As the government are regular updating the status of different countries it can be a good idea to subscribe for updates to the countries you are planning to visit.


  • What are the restrictions for the destination at this time and potentially when you are looking to travel?
  • What restrictions are in place at your destination?
  • What are the considerations regarding returning to the UK and how will they in fact the following two to four weeks upon your return?
  • If you have to quarantine, what are the risks to your health and well-being?
  • What are the additional costs involved?

Module 5

Personal and well-being

When travelling the two things that are completely in your control are your belongings and your attitude. Firstly, it’s important to only take with you the things that you will definitely use, especially if you are travelling for long periods. Secondly, preparing yourself mentally is vital as on any travelling experience there will be stressful moments.

Packing list and backpack or luggage

Get used to what pockets you keep items in and don’t change them. Moving things to different pockets and bags can make you feel like you have forgotten something and can raise your stress levels.

Mental preparation and well-being

It is very easy to dream of travelling and think of all the amazing experiences you will have when you are abroad. It is just as important to spend some time to consider the other times, downtimes, hostel life, shared rooms, stress of travelling to multiple destinations. Although this is all part of your adventure it is important to prepare mentally.

Mental preparation should be considered and the ability to remain calm and no solutions to potential problems can help significantly in reducing stress and risk.

Module 6

The K.A.R principles

The K.A.R principles were created by Caroline’s Rainbow Foundation to offer people three pillars of consideration relating to safety.

K.A.R stands for  

  • Knowledge
  • Awareness
  • Response


Knowledge is key and this is primarily done before you embark on your travelling experience/adventure. The better prepared you are the more likely it is you will be able to solve any problems or issues that arise, swiftly efficiently with the minimum amount of stress.


Nobody can be aware 100% of the time. It’s impossible. What we can do is make sure to the best of our ability that we are aware in the right moments.


How you respond to a situation can dramatically change the outcome, it is important to understand your emotions and feelings. You will be experiencing a heightened level of stress and anxiety if a situation escalates beyond our comfort level.

Module 7

Maximising your opportunities

Making the most out of your adventure. With comprehensive knowledge of the places, you want to visit, your excursions booked, and highlights planned. It is also in a good idea to leave room for new opportunities, be open to meeting new people and changing your plans.

  • Talk to other travellers
  • Visit tourist offices
  • Look at flyers in hotels and hostels
  • Talk to reception staff

Insider knowledge is priceless, this is when your research will continue as you travel. Talking to people who have visited attractions or experiences can offer have valuable insights.

Module 8

Returning home

All adventures must unfortunately come to an end. It can be a very strange feeling arriving back home, in one sense it’s a great relief and lovely to be back to see family and friends. Another feeling is that your great adventure is over, the excitement has gone and normality resumes.

Reverse culture shock

If people are away for significance periods of time, they can find themselves adopting a new way of life. They get used to living outside of their comfort zone, there is excitement everyday with new adventures and experiences. Returning home to a place where you know what is around every corner can be incredibly deflating.

Planning your next adventure

It is important for your well-being to start planning your next adventure. It gives you something to work towards, save money and start learning about a different cultures and places.


Essentials + 3 additional modules

  • Face to face courses | £147 per person (min of 6, max of 12)
  • Online workshops | £97 per person
  • Discounts available for group bookings

Essentials + 5 additional modules or bespoke courses

  • Face to face courses | £177 per person (min of 6, max of 12)
  • Online workshops | £137 per person
  • Discounts available for group bookings

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