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Safer Travel

Caroline’s Rainbow Foundation is a registered UK charity, working to raise awareness of the importance of safer travel to anyone going travelling. We work with the education sector and other travel-related organisations to provide easily accessible and helpful information about safe travel.

  • Educational workshops and presentations
  • Blogs and travel stories from experienced travellers
  • Destination specific travel guide

We believe travel can broaden horizons. We always encourage people to follow their dreams’ but to also recognise and prioritise life’s values every step of the way.

Please visit our travel safety education page to find out more about our presentations to students, interactive workshops and online video advice.

Latest News

Chasing Rainbows-the Stolen Future of Caroline Ann Stuttle
Chasing Rainbows-the Stolen Future of Caroline Ann Stuttle

On the 10th April, the Stuttle family received the worst news possible. The headline in the newspaper read ‘English backpacker thrown to her death in Australia’. The book is an insightful real-life story of ordinary people who found themselves in extraordinary circumstances.

The Real Death in Paradise | Discovery+
The Real Death in Paradise | Discovery+

British true-crime documentary series in which family members, friends and investigators share first-hand accounts of mysterious deaths, both solved and unsolved, of British citizens abroad. Episode 4 | Murder in Australia. British residents love to escape Britain’s miserable weather for sunny skies and sandy beaches.

20th Anniversary Commemoration Service for Caroline Ann Stuttle
20th Anniversary Commemoration Service for Caroline Ann Stuttle

A service for Caroline was held in Bundaberg and broadcast on YouTube Live on the 10th of April 2022.  An intimate meeting was held on the 12th April 2022 at the Mansion House in York, with prayer and candle lighting from the Lord Mayor.

Fundraising & Current Projects

“SAFER TRAVEL” Virtual Reality

We are currently developing a series of VR travel experiences to help travellers better understand the risks in a safe virtual environment.

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An important part of our work is providing educational talks & workshops for young people, and supporting teachers in raising awareness about travelling safely.  

People sitting on airplane


Safer Travel Talk discusses all things travel with a different focus each episode. As passionate as we are about travel, we also care deeply about travel safety.

Person listening to Safer Travel Talk podcasts

Follow Your Dreams

Working with Capture Energy Clothing to produce an Eco friendly comfortable T-Shirt. 50% of the profits from this T-Shirt go to support our latest projects.

Safer Travel 'Follow Your Dreams' motto t-shirt

Safer Travel

Over 8 years of research we have collected travel safety information for over 350 popular tourist and backpacker destinations.

Safer Travel provides; travel safety tips, useful contacts, areas to avoid and common crimes as well as suggesting must-see highlights and attractions.

  • Safer Travel brings together essential travel, location and city specific safety advice for world destinations.

    If you are ever confronted by anyone wanting to take your personal belongings, just let go! “Nothing is worth more than your life.”

Safer Travel

An easily accessible source of essential information for over 350 travel destinations around the globe.

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Safer Travel

  • How can I support the charity?

    We are currently looking for funding for our VR travel safety projects, which are designed to educate young people about travel safety in an entertaining and immersive way. We currently have three different scenarios to choose from: airport safety, road trip adventures and weekend escapes.

    Each project will cost around £30,000 to fully develop. You can learn more about our VR work here. Please get in touch if you would like to be involved.

  • How can I improve my safety when travelling?

    Understanding a safety mindset

    Since the charity began in 2002 there have been huge changes in the way we travel. Not only in the opportunities that are open to travellers but also the mindset of people wanting to explore the world. The Internet has certainly made the world a smaller place and when it comes to researching destinations all the information you need is at your fingertips.

    A common question we get asked is; what can I do to improve my safety when travelling? We have been working in the travel safety industry since 2002, and have come up with three key points you need to consider to dramatically reduce the risks when travelling. Find out more.

  • What at your top travel tips?

    Research before you go – Knowledge of the country or city you are travelling is essential. Make sure you are aware of what to expect when you arrive.

    Travel Insurance – Make copies of your documents in case you need to prove who you are. Always check the details carefully, read the small print and make sure you are fully covered.

    Local language – If travelling to a non-English speaking country, try to learn a few phrases. You will find you get a lot more respect from the locals.

    Try your gear – Use your bag and walk in your shoes before you go. Get used to using your gear, so when you leave for your travelling adventure it feels familiar and comfortable.

    Accommodation – Book your first night’s accommodation and know how to get there. This will make things easier and make you less of a target for opportunists.

    Keeping people informed – Always let your friends know where you are going. They are less likely to worry if they are informed and can quickly raise the alarm in case of emergencies.

    Follow your instincts – You will know if something feels right. Always listen to yourself and don’t be dragged with the crowd.

    For more Travel Safety Tips from experienced travellers – Click Here

  • What is

    For our charity’s 10-year anniversary the charity built and launched its Safer Travel App. A comprehensive, destination specific travel safety guide.

    Over 8 years of research we have collected travel safety information for over 350 popular tourist and backpacker destinations. Safer Travel provides; travel safety tips, useful contacts, areas to avoid and common crimes as well as suggesting must-see highlights and attractions. Our team is now checking and re-verifying all content, once completed each city will be uploaded to this site this means travellers are able to access the website without downloading our App.

  • How can I help my children stay safe when travelling?

    As a parent, it is only natural to feel concern at the thought of your children heading off into the sunset with what seems like no definite idea where they are actually going or what they’re getting up to. The most helpful thing we can advise is to ensure your child is as prepared as possible for their trip. Talk to them about their adventures, they might have more knowledge than you think. Work with them to help understand the risks of the places they plan to visit, while still encouraging them to follow their dreams.

    We have created a Parents Guide with helpful hints and discussion points. Click Here

  • Who was Caroline Stuttle?

    April 10th  2002 the Stuttle family received the worst news possible. The headline in the newspaper read English backpacker thrown to her death in Australia’.

    Caroline Ann Stuttle was born on 2nd September 1982. She died in Bundaberg Australia during her gap year. During her 19 years, she lived an outstanding life and inspired people to follow their dreams. Marjorie (Caroline’s mother) and Richard (her brother) decided to start Caroline’s Rainbow Foundation to try to prevent what happened to their family happening to any other backpackers and travellers.

    If you’d like to learn more about Caroline and her legacy, you can find it in Richard Stuttle’s book ‘Chasing Rainbows: The Stolen Future of Caroline Stuttle’, available here.

Travel Stories

Read our latest travel stories from experienced travellers, backpackers and holiday makers. Each story includes insightful tips and advice which will help improve the knowledge of every world explorer.

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.”

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