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We are excited about travel, new adventures, beautiful horizons and different ways to explore the world. Safer Travel Talk discusses all things travel with a different focus each episode. As passionate as we are about travel, we also care deeply about travel safety.

Our aim is to talk about different travel experiences around the world. Discuss safe practices and different safety techniques to help inspire and educate others before embarking on their next adventure.

Episode One

Caroline’s Rainbow Foundation and Safer Travel co-founders, Richard Stuttle and his mother Marjorie Marks-Stuttle discuss Caroline’s story, the charity milestones and their hopes for the future.

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Episode Two

We caught up with our friend, Mark Mattinson to discuss his recent volunteering experience in Kenya with the non-profit children’s charity, Future Of Taru.

Click the link below for more information on Future Of Taru:

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Episode Three

Jonathan Tait-Harris joined us to discuss his experiences travelling in extreme and often hostile environments, while also sharing some key pieces of advice for anyone thinking of embarking on a travelling experience.

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Episode Four

Travel blogger, Poppy Kuroki joined us from Japan via Zoom to discuss her experience living abroad and the safety considerations to be aware of when visiting the country.

You can follow Poppy’s blog at

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Episode Five

In this episode of the podcast, Richard Stuttle and Chris Healey sat down to discuss and compare their previous travel experiences, touching on the benefits of working away for a shorter period of time.

Richard has completed 10 Winter seasons and Chris has done 3 Camp America seasons.

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Episode Six

In this episode of the podcast, we’re excited to be joined by PronunciationWithEmma to discuss her experience living abroad in Spain; how integrating into the Spanish culture and learning Spanish helped her transition and eventually to start her own business.

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Episode Seven

In this episode of the podcast, we caught up with Anna, a study abroad student to discuss her overall experience and offer advice for anyone thinking of applying for this kind of opportunity.

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Episode Eight

In this episode of the podcast, we caught up with Naudia Salmon, the Founder of We Drifters. We had a wonderful conversation discussing her travels and inspiration behind her innvotive new insect repelant sleep wear.

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Episode Nine

Episode Nine of Safer Travel Talk. The podcast to inform, inspire and provide insight into the world of travel. Caroline’s Rainbow Foundation founder, Richard Stuttle talks to Emily Pickard, founder of York Mumbler about travelling as a family. For more information on York Mumbler please visit

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Join the Conversation

We are looking for people to take part in our new podcast series, if you have a travel story to tell or have in depth knowledge about any of the following topics please get in touch.

  • Sustainable travel
  • Backpacking adventures
  • Reverse culture shock
  • Digital nomad – working remotely
  • Travelling with a disability
  • Female Travel Safety
  • Travelling for work