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  • Benefits and Challenges of a Gap Year on Mental Health

    The amount of people taking a gap year to travel is increasing, research by Teachingabroad showed that 56% of students that take a gap year travel during that time. A gap year is normally taken before a major change in life such as going to university, starting a new job or having a baby but anyone should consider time to travel at any stage of their life.

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  • Travel Anxiety and Mental Health

    For most of us Travelling, booking holidays and having new experiences is very exciting and something we look forward to. Not only this but it can have many positives to people’s mental and emotional health as well as brain function. A trip can be a break from our routines and the stress of daily life, allowing the mind to reset and recharge as it offers change from the norm and a more relaxed lifestyle.

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  • A weekend break in Amsterdam

    Amsterdam is the capital and biggest city of The Netherlands, and one of the most alluring tourist destinations in Europe. Around 20 million people flock to visit this city every year, and once you’ve had an experience of its quaint cafes, picturesque architecture and beautiful canals, it’s easy to understand why. But with it’s walkable, or cycle-able, city centre, Amsterdam is a very popular tourist destination for city breaks.

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  • Travelling around the United Kingdom

    The United Kingdom is made up of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales and all 4 places are home to beautiful scenery and exciting activities that make them great travel destinations.  
    Starting off with England, the biggest country out of the four accounting for just over half of the total area of the United Kingdom. This means, that England has a variety of destinations to travel to which all give a different experience. For example, London or Birmingham for a city break or Cornwall for a more coastal destination.  

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