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Talks and Presentations to Students about Safer Travel



An important part of our work is to provide educational materials to young people and support teachers in raising awareness about travelling safely. Statistically, increasing numbers of young people and students in the UK are taking gap years and travelling experiences.

Through the provision of travel education and advice, we are working to equip young travellers with the essential knowledge that they need to stay safe and enjoy fantastic adventures.

Our presentations are offered primarily to Schools, Colleges and Universities. We have trained experienced travellers across the UK to facilitate these discussions in the form of talks and group sessions with students, highlighting the benefits and pitfalls of world travel.

The Time of Your Life

In 2005 we produced a short film, which offered two different scenarios highlighting potential dangers faced by travellers aboard. The objective was to stimulate conversation and get people talking about their personal safety.

“We wanted to speak directly to our next generation of travellers. Highlighting the potential risks involved in world travel, but also to inspire them to travel and take their opportunity to see the world.”

Caroline’s Rainbow Foundation’s education program operates throughout the UK. Each presentation is personalised to the speaker, but all include important verified safety advice and information.

Presentations to Students

Our sessions usually run for about an hour and include a 15 minute question and answer session. Although they can be tailored to the time available. The verbal presentations are accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation highlighting travel opportunities and situations the speaker has experienced, useful hints, tips and firsthand information. The slides are interlaced with practical visuals to show travel safety awareness strategies and risk assessments as well as preparation and research schedules.

Our aim is to stimulate and inspire students by showing them the amazing travel opportunities available to them, as well as engaging them with safety techniques and raising awareness of potential dangers.

We kindly ask for a minimum donation of £50 plus travel costs to help us continue our work in supporting young travellers. Please note; some speakers also charge a fee. Thank You.

If you are interested in a presentation for your School, College, University or organisation, please get in touch.

Interactive Workshops

Our Safer Travel Interactive Workshops are delivered by our special tutors who are all experienced travellers and have undergone our extensive training program.

Our tutors fully understand our safety principles, awareness techniques and strategies. They deliver comprehensive travel and safety workshops adding some of their own personal stories and anecdotes from their adventures.

VR Experience | The Airport

We have developed a ‘Virtual Reality Airport Scenario’ for travellers to have a fully immersive experience, checking in at the airport and boarding a flight. Packed with safety insights and awareness objectives, the VR experience is a game changer for people understanding the risks when travelling.

Travellers Interactive Workshop 

The workshop is tailored to the needs of the group, we have 8 essential modules which cover all the travel safety essentials. The in-person workshops also include the VR Experience. There are also a selection of travel specific modules which are tailored to the requirements of the group.

Essential modules

  • Module 1 – Planning your adventure
  • Module 2 – Before your adventure begins
  • Module 3 – Preparation and booking
  • Module 4 – Post pandemic travel
  • Module 5 – Personal and well-being
  • Module 6 – The K.A.R principles
  • Module 7 – Maximising your opportunities
  • Module 8 – Returning home

Additional modules (Choose 3 – tailor your safety course)

  • Module A – Winter Ski and snowboard escapes
  • Module B – Summer surfing, diving and beach sports
  • Module C – Camping and glamping
  • Module D – City breaks, weekend escapes
  • Module E – All-inclusive Hotels
  • Module F – Road trips, camper vans and car hire
  • Module G – Backpacking, extended holidays
  • Module H – Organised tours
  • Module I – Family holidays
  • Module J – Study aboard
  • Module K – Volunteering opportunities
  • Module L – Female travel
  • Module M – Solo travel

Find out more about our Travel Safety Workshops.

Digital Presentations

With the COVID-19 pandemic we recorded conversations with Richard Stuttle discussing travel and travel safety. Watch all videos on our YouTube Channel and don’t forget to subscribe to keep up to date with our videos and travel safety information.

Caroline’s Rainbow Foundation

Episode: One

A registered UK charity, working to raise awareness of the importance of safer travel to anyone going travelling. We work with the education sector, the Foreign Office and other organisations to provide easily accessible and helpful information about safe travel.

Watch all 6 Episodes

For people who are unable to attend a live presentation we have created 6 short bite size videos, offering an insight into travelling and travel safety.