Youth Travel Advice – York

Youth Travel Advice – York
24th January 2018 Stories

Youth Travel Advice – York

Going out in York

It reaches a point where young people want their independence; they are old enough to look after themselves. This may be true but with age comes experience and wisdom, and this should not be forgotten. We are very lucky in York as it is a safe city. People are friendly and most want to be happy and have a good time. The city is quite big and events are happening in many different locations every week. Going out to events can be fun; you know it is going to be the best thing happening this week and not to be missed!

Getting there can be a problem; when you are not old enough to drive, what are your options? Parents might not want you going out alone. They might not think you know the rules regarding your safety. Here are a few things you should think about when you’re travelling around our beautiful city.


Stay well on the path and always on the side of oncoming traffic. Always use the pedestrian crossings; that is what they are there for! If with friends, pause your conversation and look both ways before crossing the road.

Look ahead – if there is anything or anybody you don’t like, you have time to make a decision.

Man taking photo next to York river cruises sign

Never swim in rivers or ponds unless signs say you can, beware of strong undercurrents.


Keep some change in your pocket and know the price for each journey. Check the timetable so you know the times for going and coming back.

Sit with your friends. If alone, sit next to someone you choose rather than an empty row. Smile at the driver so he remembers you and will keep an eye on you during the journey. Watch the route and know when your stop is coming up.


Use cycle lanes when possible. Make sure you have lights with you in case you are riding home after dark. Always wear a helmet and reflective or bright clothing.

Take a good lock and make sure you attach it to something secure. Be careful riding your bike along riversides. Watch your speed in case of uneven surfaces.

Getting A Lift

Have a special code word for anyone who is picking you up that only you both know. Only get into a car with people you know, even if they tell a convincing story.

Arrange a meeting time and place. Have a number to call if they are stuck in traffic. Have another route home in case your lift can’t make it.

Travelling home at night

Stay in well-lit areas and always walk on the path, especially if alone. If you are using the buses, make sure you know when the next bus is due.

Use your mobile and let people know when you will be home. If cycling, be extra careful on the roads and make sure your lights are working. When walking, make sure you know where you are going. Places can look very different at night.

York minster through buildings

Always think!

Whatever mode of transport you choose, always have an alternative in case something happens – the bus is late, your bike has a puncture or you are tired. Always have a backup plan; make sure you have phone numbers of your family and friends with you. Always know what to do. This is a big part of you getting your independence.

Above all, listen to yourself. If you feel safe, then you can have a great time. If there is something that makes you feel uneasy then make a change and get out of the situation. If you feel good and think about your safety then you will have a great time.