Debunking the Myths – Travel Before Kids

Debunking the Myths – Travel Before Kids
22nd January 2018 Safety

Debunking the Myths – Travel Before Kids

Myth: You have to travel now before you’re tied down with kids.

Truth: Of course there will be endless opportunities to travel, just look at your grandparents running off to Spain every other weekend! The point is that you will always be able to travel however you will experience it differently. Much like visiting Italy at 10 years old and visiting Italy at 23 having become fluent in the language; who you are and your circumstances alter the experience.

Mother and daughter celebrating

Best destinations for you:


Renowned for being the city of love, this enchanting place is definitely one you might to glad to see without toddlers and teens. The romantic atmosphere on the evenings make it alive with couples whilst the sophisticated architecture keeps the days feeling dreamy and serene.

Route 66

Without the streaming chorus of “Are we there yet?” this route is the perfect road trip for you and your friends. Crammed with diners, billboards and legendary scenery it is the quite possibly the ultimate American experience.

This notorious place is unquestionably the place to be for great nightlife. With clubs, DJ’s and even a few celebrities thrown into the mix it’s no wonder that 700,000 Brits visit here every year. Although the island boasts many other family friendly attractions, if you come to party it might be best to leave dummies and diapers out of it (unless of course you’re in fancy dress).

Best destinations for you with children:


Just a short flight away Benidorm is ideal for young children with family attractions such as water parks and beaches as well as children’s evening entertainment in many venues. Alongside all this, the inexpensive food, drink, flights and hotels make this a realistic option for many larger families without losing the fun.


The place of dreams. Here you can swim with dolphins and visit well-loved theme parks in Orlando before taking a trip to one of the nearby beaches. Next move to Miami for the zoos, gardens and museums. You won’t run out of things to do here.


With no long flight or luggage limits to contend with, driving somewhere within the UK could be the stress free family holiday you’ve been dreaming of. With attractions like The Dungeons, aquariums and zoos in lively London or natural landscapes at the coast, there’s a destination in the UK to suit every family.

Written by Chelsie Sinton