20th Anniversary Commemoration Service for Caroline Ann Stuttle

20th Anniversary Commemoration Service for Caroline Ann Stuttle
4th May 2022 Stories

20th Anniversary Commemoration Service

Marking the 20th Anniversary of the passing of Caroline Ann Stuttle.

In Australia, a service was held in Bundaberg and unveiling of the new memorial stone. The service was broadcast on YouTube Live on the 10th of April 2022.

In the UK, an intimate meeting was held on the 12th April 2022 at the Mansion House in York. The Lord Mayor of York led in prayer and lit a candle in Caroline’s memory.

“We remember Caroline 20 years after her passing. She will always be in our hearts and minds. You are welcome to spend a few moments remembering the wonderful and beautiful girl she was in this world. We will love her always and miss her every day.”

“She Only Touched the World, but the World was Touched by Her.”

Memorial Service in Bundaberg

A beautiful service was held by Father Keith, with readings and thoughts from Kay McDuff, Megan Hunt and David Batt. Following the service a procession was led outside to see the new memorial laid in memory of Caroline.

“Caroline Stuttle’s family say they are grateful for the kindness and support of the community in the 20 years since she tragically lost her life while visiting the Bundaberg Region. A moving memorial service and plaque unveiling was held on April 10th 2022, to mark 20 years since her death.

Her brother Richard Stuttle said the family was incredibly moved by how much the people of Bundaberg cared and how they had taken the family into their hearts.”

“We will always feel deeply humbled about how our family was received by the people of Bundaberg,”

Watch the Full Bundaberg Service

The service was streamed on YouTube Live for people who could not attend. You can watch the recording on our YouTube channel.

A moving memorial service and plaque unveiling was held on April 10th 2022. Marking 20 years since her death following an attack which saw her thrown from the Burnett Traffic Bridge.

Tributes were paid by Caroline’s family and people who were involved in the case at the time. It was a lovely atmosphere which offered respect for a young backpacker who will always be sadly missed.


A Prayer in York

The Stuttle family attended an intimate service at the Mansion House in York where the Lord Mayor of York Chris Cullwick said a prayer and lit a candle for Caroline.

A candle was lit for Caroline and the Lord Mayor said a beautiful prayer. A very special moment for the memory of Caroline Ann Stuttle. An interesting coincidence. The Lord Mayor held the service for Caroline’s funeral 20 years ago at All Saints Church in Huntington.

“We offer our greatest thanks to the Lord Mayor and Civic Party for making the time for us and remembering Caroline.”

“Although losing Caroline was the worst thing that could happen to our family, it means a great deal that we have so much love and support twenty years after her passing.” Marjorie Marks-Stuttle

For full interviews with ITV and more information the work Caroline’s Rainbow Foundation is doing now, please follow the link.