Keeping Your Gear Safe While on Tour

Keeping Your Gear Safe While on Tour
11th June 2018 Advice

Keeping Your Gear Safe While on Tour

Too often, musicians learn the hard way that thieves are able to sell their instruments and other equipment for big bucks on the black market. Stolen instruments can sell for thousands of pounds, making them a popular target. Whether you’re travelling by plane or by van, going on tour with your band means putting your valuables at risk unless you take proper precautions. Here are a couple of safety tips on how to protect yourself and your gear the next time that you go on tour.

Crowd at a concert

If thieves can’t see your valuables, they’re far less likely to try to break in and steal them.

Hide Your Valuables

As many of us know, it’s a good idea to tuck purses and cell phones away when leaving our car in an unfamiliar parking lot. The same goes for your looking after your band gear. Any time you leave your gear unattended, even if it’s just to pop into the petrol station, you should ensure that everything is covered and out of sight. If thieves can’t see your valuables, they’re far less likely to try to break in and steal them.

Use GPS Trackers

In recent years, GPS trackers have gotten smaller, sleeker, and more affordable. You can now find small standalone units that attach to your van, your trailer, or your equipment so that you can locate stolen goods. Some models even connect with your smartphone or mobile device for easy tracking You should try to attach the GPS unit somewhere out of sight so that thieves don’t catch on and remove it.

Invest in Quality Locks

Always lock your equipment up when it’s not in use, even if you plan on sleeping right next to it. You can lock instruments in their cases, or attach handles to sturdy railings to keep items locked in place. It’s a good idea to opt for designs with a thick locking mechanism to prevent anyone from sawing through the metal. High-end bike locks are a good, cost-effective way to secure your gear.

Always Unload

If you’re keeping your equipment in a van or trailer, you should unload it each night so that you and your band-mates can keep an eye on it. You may also want to unload your equipment during longer pit stops, such as lunch or sightseeing excursions. To avoid the hassle of loading and unloading gear, you may want to consider renting a sleeper van or camper for your trip.

If your equipment is stolen on tour, you may find yourself out thousands of pounds, not to mention the sentimental value of your instrument. It’s crucial that you take steps to keep your band’s gear safe when you go on tour. By watching over your stuff and keeping valuables locked away, you can avoid falling victim to thieves on your trip.