Ibiza Living 2020

Ibiza Living 2020
27th August 2020 Stories

Ibiza Living 2020

This week I boarded a flight, landed in Ibiza and checked in to a hotel with a rooftop pool. Something I did not expect to be doing in 2020. Ibiza is now open to tourists, slowly life returns to something normal. I’ll be honest, positive feelings have been few and far between throughout 2020, but I am trying to fix my focus on something to look forward to. All I needed is a little adventure and to be in the company of new friends, laughing hard and feeling so happy that we forget about all the problems in the world, even if it’s just temporary. Moments of silence, moments of reflection, moments of revaluation for 2020, but happiness was needed again. It was time to be on the move and have some new experiences to reflect upon.

Looking out over the Ibiza sunset

Another solo mission, I planned my trip before leaving the UK and had an idea of the holiday I wanted to have. I always find when you don’t know where to go or know where to start go back to the place you miss the most, the place which makes you most happy. After the first six months of 2020 been low with lockdown restrictions and one already cancelled trip to Asia, the only place I felt drawn to is Ibiza. When we say Ibiza we think party place, the same way we think when we hear Las Vegas, party central known for its amazing night life and party vibe. However, I visited Ibiza when I was four, I was lucky enough to come here on holiday with my family. I was so happy running along the beaches and playing in the Mediterranean Sea with my mother. So, I guess I’ve loved this island and those happy memories my whole life, experiencing the island both as a child and now as an adult. It’s changed a lot in the years, but the warmth of the people, the relaxed island feel the beauty of the coast line all remains the same and my love for the island grows more and more after every visit.

 “A journey is best measured by friends, not by miles” – Tim Cahill. Like any travel experience, I always find on trips you meet people in stages, then look back on reflection and see how each individual made your trip exactly what it was. I don’t believe you meet anyone by chance, every person you meet teaches you something, good or bad and although we imagine the experience we will have in our heads before taking off, the experience we have and the people we meet always brings us so much more then we could ever imagine. What is meant for us in life, will never pass us by.

One of the things I always miss about Ibiza and also one of the things I will miss about my life when I leave the island is the ability to run down to the beach spend the whole day there talking to the locals, swimming in the sea then hanging on a little later while waiting for sunset, I love these days, I sit totally relaxed without a worry in the world no concept of time, just present in the moment and at my most happiest. The best thing for me and any travel adventure is the convocations you have with people, I love talking to new people and making new friends. A travel tip from me; ‘travel slow’, quality over quantity every time, select a few places to see and explore rather than trying to cram everything in with not much time. Although I was visiting for island adventures I wanted to be sure to enjoy these with time on my hands, allowing time for any unexpected detours, additional add ons and plenty of chill time. We live in such a routine world back in the UK, take your holiday time to relax and go with the flow more, don’t let the holiday turn in to a job. The island was very relaxed and chilled this time round which suited me perfect, I had never known it like this and enjoyed my time more than ever before. I felt lucky to be able to experience Ibiza in this one off experience. Many of the locals spoke about how this is what Ibiza used to be like before it became the popular party destination and the home of the best clubs in the world, a very relaxed chilled Ibiza and an Ibiza I never knew existed.

Most people who visit Ibiza head to ‘Ocean Beach’ for ‘THE BEST DAY EVER!!’, although these places like Ocean Beach are a lot of fun (expensive but fun!!) the real fun for me is hiring a moped at 20 euros per day and visiting some of the most beautiful beaches such as Calla Bassa, Calla Bassa beach also hires beds and waitress service, similar to Ocean Beach set up but much more natural setting with the most stunning views for a third of the price. A local DJ plays from 14:00 and the atmosphere on the beach is electric, and in true Ibiza fashion no day is complete without rising a cold glass of Rose for sunset, full bar service is available from the beach bar. Calla Bassa is a definite recommendation from me. Also be sure to check out the ferry from Ibiza town to Formentara, an island south of Ibiza where the sea is crystal blue, the very best of the Mediterranean Sea.

The more I have travelled, the more I have learned about the world, and the more I have learnt about myself. Change is one thing what is always guaranteed and the world is forever changing, I try to be adaptable the way the world is and to be open to new experiences and adventures. This year has proven how nothing is ever permanent, whether this is a job or daily life things like the gym, it can all change in an instant. I have been travelling the globe for the past ten years, something I promised myself I would do throughout my 20s, i have completed six solo missions including Asia and Dubai, travelling has now become second nature to me; I land in an airport and just go on autopilot. Another travel tip is ‘Don’t be scared’, taking a leap in to the unknown will always be scary and never gets easier but just remember that thousands of people can make their way around the world each year then so can you, I always find its good to face your fears, like the fear you have before public speaking, after you complete it you think ‘it wasn’t that bad’, all these experiences teach us something, they are transferable skills and what can help you in everyday life. I feel it makes me become strong minded and resilient to normal life. You hold a place in your heart what you can return to what always say ‘I’ll be okay’, I’ve overcome some of bravest challenges and stepped in to the great unknown alone I can get through this day at work.

Anyone who knows me know I am no stranger to booking flights hours before departure and seeing something and getting a feeling of impulse to act there and then, I have no filter when it comes to this life and try to be a warm hearted soul to anyone’s experience abroad but please be sure to find beauty is within strength and not something that needs validating by the perfect travel pictures and life. My biggest travel tip, do any travel (solo or group) for you! Remember this experience is for you, no one else, these are your memories to hold and treasure forever not for followers back home to make a judgement on your travels. It’s great to get some holiday inspiration from people you may follow but be sure to add your own personal touch to this with something you want out of the trip. Tans fade, pictures become old but memories last forever. Time is one thing we can never get back so be sure to make the most of every minute and don’t worry about impressing the people back home, get in the best head space you can be in and live in the present.

I use travel as my answer for everything, even planning a travel trip makes me happy and then living the experience completely fulfills me. It’s the only thing I know what can make me feel better instantly, travel gives an opportunity to step away from the daily grind. I think people in general are not meant to be tied down in place their entire lives and it is healthy for us to have a break from normal life even if this is for a long weekend or a week somewhere new. Any travel experience to me is a way of demonstrating life, we grow and evolve from every trip and we don’t come back the same people that left, we step away from our comfort zone. I see the travel journey like a growing tree, we branch off, experience new, get rid of old leaves but the continuing in growth never stops, we add more branches by more experiences we present ourselves and our tree will continue growing so long as we let it.

The last few times I had visited Ibiza I spent almost every waking hour drinking and partying wherever possible, staying in clubs all night and spending most the day recovering to party and do it all again. I guess I didn’t really know what I was doing or what I was meant to be doing, I just followed the crowds and people I was with at the time, although on reflection this was a lot of fun my visit this year life couldn’t be more different. I feel more fulfilled than any other times I have visited the island and feel I have seen more of Ibiza then I ever could have imagined, by boat, by moped, by foot, I spent more time sampling local restaurants, speaking with locals, enjoying evening meals with friends and ensured I experienced the Ibiza sunset from all across the island and not just at Café Mambo I found my new love for swimming in the sea for sunset rising a cold drink. My summary for this trip would be whether you are settled or unsettled, I think there’s something for everyone to find on this beautiful island, budget holiday or an expensive holiday, the same experiences are there for the taking, it’s just whoever wants to grab the opportunity and live life to the fullest.

Written by Alysha Cook