A Safe Digital Nomadic Lifestyle Starts Before Your Trip

A Safe Digital Nomadic Lifestyle Starts Before Your Trip
17th September 2018 Safety

A Safe Digital Nomadic Lifestyle Starts Before Your Trip

There are expected to be a billion digital nomads by 2035, meaning that this is no longer a dream for a select few, but a safe and mainstream lifestyle. If you are looking to travel full time, then you need the finances to maintain your security. For this, you need reliable work. With faster and cheaper global transport, combined with increased internet connectivity, becoming a digital nomad will only become easier. However, you are probably wondering where to begin. Read on to find out how to fund safe and happy travels.

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The Importance of Finance For Your Safety

When travelling full time, you will find yourself often thinking about the basics of survival, from where you will sleep to finding a decent meal. With money put towards flights and tours, you are at risk of running out of cash for the essentials. Becoming a digital nomad ensures that you have a steady stream of income and can build up savings for emergencies.

Put Together a Website

If you already have the skills to find remote work, then you need a way of showcasing this talent. One of the best ways to build a CV is with your own website. This is a place to post a portfolio of work and helps potential clients to view you as a professional. There are around 1.9 billion websites currently on the internet and it is easier than ever to create your own. Doing so will increase your chance of getting a job by giving you credibility, while also meaning that more jobs come to you. This can help create a sustainable source of income to keep you safe on the road.

Start Working More From Home

If you have a traditional location dependent job, then transitioning to earning all of your income remotely should be a slow process before you start travelling. Just diving in could leave you without the funds you need to survive on the road. Start by working from home for just a couple of hours a week, while you get to know the industry. You need to keep working your day job until you have the savings to quit and can take the plunge to working 100% remotely. Taking your time to transition into your new role will ensure that you have the financial stability to safely travel the world full time.

Becoming a digital nomad really is an option for everybody. In fact, it will ensure you stay safe while traveling by having a secure income stream. Take your time at first, building up your skills and putting away some savings. Having a website can also help you to maintain a steady stream of clients to keep you safe while you travel.

Written by Lucy Benson