Staying Safe As A Digital Nomad

Staying Safe As A Digital Nomad
4th September 2018 Advice

Staying Safe As A Digital Nomad

The astonishing increases in technological capability in all parts of the world has given rise to the digital nomad tech role. With one nomad platform gathering 10,000 followers, according to an article by the University of Manchester, there is clearly a taste for this way of working and living. The lure of being able to conduct your business from anywhere in the world is certainly exciting.

With a constantly shifting workplace comes a wide variation in safety concerns. It’s important to stay safe on your travels to allow yourself happiness and for your career to blossom. Given the nature of the digital nomad’s work, there are a few key considerations to take into account.


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Healthcare requirements don’t preclude living as a digital nomad

Planning your healthcare

It goes without saying that healthcare varies massively across the world, and what your NI contributions get you in the UK could be the very pinnacle of private healthcare elsewhere. This is especially something to be considered for those with long-term health conditions, or older generation workers who are more likely the be diagnosed with conditions. Healthcare requirements don’t preclude living as a digital nomad; in fact, 290% more 65+ people work independently, demonstrating the lure of remote working for those who want to keep working.

Keep comprehensive travel insurance. Familiarise yourself with the facilities available at whatever stop takes your fancy next. Build your awareness of local health issues and ensure you prepare.

Protecting your equipment

Crime is going to be an issue wherever you travel in the world, but as a digital nomad you may be more at risk due to the reliance on modern technology. According to mobile news, nearly 500,00 British people had phones stolen in the UK alone in 2017, without even counting the global rate. As the foundation of your job, it’s important to keep your devices safe.

Once again, having comprehensive insurance is crucial. You may end up paying more to have a guarantee over your devices, but it’s worth it when compared to the loss of income. You can help yourself by keeping updated with the FCO Foreign Travel Advice page and making a note of what threats have been highlighted.

Keeping ahead of the news 

Some of the prime locations for digital nomad work are prone to political change. One of the hottest locations, Thailand, was thrown into turmoil by the death of King Adulyadej. A similar story was seen in Sri Lanka, popular due to its relatively excellent wifi networks, that saw social media shutdown following disturbances in inland city Kandy. Keep your eye on the news and stay aware of local tensions, and plan accordingly.

The digital nomad is a relatively new job role, but one receiving great attention. The ability to work anywhere, at any time, is tantalising for employers and a great pull for those with wanderlust. Staying safe is crucial, and straightforward, with a bit of dedication.

Written by Lucy Benson