Travelling Tips

Travelling Tips
26th January 2018 Advice

Travelling Tips

We have put our heads together and come up with these important points to remember while you’re enjoying your gap year experience.

Research before you go – knowledge of the country or city to which you are travelling is priceless. Make sure you are aware of what to expect when you arrive. Book your first night’s accommodation and know how to get there.

Keeping people informed – Always let your friends know where you are going and what you are doing. They are less likely to worry if they are informed in case of emergencies. You never know – they might even want to join you.

People cycling in the sunset

“At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security.”


Watch your belongings – Split your money and keep it close. Also keep an eye on your bag at all times – this could save you a lot of trouble and expense.

Travel documents – Always make copies of your documents in case you need to prove who you are. Check the details carefully for your insurance. Make sure you are covered for what you want to do.

Follow your instincts – You will know if something feels right. Always listen to yourself and don’t be dragged with the crowd.

Gap year companies – Check to see if the company is offering what you want. Read the testimonials from other travellers who have already done it. Always read the small print.

Local language – If travelling to a non-English speaking country, try to learn a few phrases. You will find you get a lot more respect from the locals.

Everyone needs to be aware – No matter what age you are or how much travelling you have done, everyone can still run into trouble. The more prepared you are, the easier it will be to avoid potential problems. Keep your wits about you!

How people perceive you – When travelling in groups, be aware of how you act. Large groups of travellers can be perceived the wrong way by the locals or other travellers. Watch what you wear – certain countries have different dress codes. New expensive clothes and jewellery can make you a target.

Taking offence – You will meet a lot of like-minded people and make great friends but not everyone you meet will like you or want to be your friend. Be confident and yourself and don’t worry about what some people might say.

Try your gear – Use your bag and walk in your shoes before you go. Get used to using your gear so when you leave for your travelling experience, it feels familiar and comfortable.

Visit your doctor – Get an appointment a few months before you travel. Check if you need any inoculations or vaccinations for your chosen destination. Also, visit the dentist as toothache can be a pain aboard.