Travelling Asia

Travelling Asia
4th July 2019 Advice

Travelling Asia


Always be sure to inform your bank accounts that you are traveling abroad – this will ensure that your card does not get blocked by the bank. The bank may think this is a suspicious transaction.

The Post Office Travel Money Card is a great card to use when traveling the world. Manage your funds through the app with the direct link to your current account, making this easy and accessible to transfer funds. Emergency line open 24/7 – very prompt with answering and offer a great secure service.

ATMS can be found in most places, many 7-11 stores have ATMs inside their stores. A safer option would be to use the ATM inside the stores. 7-11S are great for this.

If an ATM does not recognises your card (even after 1 attempt) do not keep trying the card, after the second or third attempt the ATM will swallow your card. If your card is not recognised first time it would be recognised the second or third time. Take your card away and try another machine.
Always take a couple of banks cards with you as backups – in foreign counties you do run the risk of losing your cards or a machine taking your card. Be sure to have the cards emergency numbers at hand and ensure the card is cancelled ASAP.

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Living in hostels sharing dorms with people from all different walks of life can seem pretty exciting.

However, you will get the option to be in a ‘mixed’ dorm or a gender specific dorm. These dorms can go up a 12 or 18 bed dorm. A number of female travellers expressed how at times they have been the only female in a ‘mixed’ dorm of up 12 or 18 males. The females said this was quite intimidating and not as appealing as first thought. They much preferred the female only dorms and found these to be a lot less intimating. All Hostels have communal areas where will get the chance to meet males, meeting males in a communal areas may be better experience then sharing a bedroom with them.

We become very trusting in the people we meet and all feel in the same the boat as we are all experiencing an amazing travel experience. Unfortunately personal belongings do still go missing, many travellers mentioned how wallets, phones and even t – shirts had been stolen from hostels. You will receive a locker key in each hostel – always keep your things safe and pack as much as you can in your locker. We can’t live without our phones as phones these days have amazing cameras and are a great way to keep in touch with family and friends back home. I am sure having a phone stole in a certain place on your trip would leave a sour taste. Keep it safe. A good example might be to carry a bump bag where you keep your most precious belongings (phone, passport, and purse).

The back packing community is growing more and more with more people than ever back packing across south East Asia. High season is when most people are visiting – the weather is at its warmest and the sea at its calmest. Always book accommodation in advance, most hostels are full every night. Low season is another popular time for travellers as this is the cheapest time in the year to travel. Basically it can be busy all year round. Always book in advance to save disappointment on arrival.

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Alcohol – Alcohol is very different in other counties then to what we experience in England. Cheaper versions of alcohol may be poured to in expensive bottles to make customers think it is the best branded alcohol when in fact it is a substitute cheaper version. Be aware.

Only accept a drink or a shot if you see the bottle the drink is being poured from. Keep heavy drinking to a minimal – you become very vulnerable when you drink and when in a foreign country this would be quite dangerous.

Meetings – It is always useful to have a central meeting point to meet up with friends / fellow travellers. There is no need to share personal information with these people such as hotel names, travel budgets, and travel itineraries….keep this information to a minimal. Use central meeting points such as 711s/ bars/ restaurants to meet up with people. As mentioned above we become very trusting in the people we meet when reality we have known these people for less than 72 hours. Keep street wise and happy.

Seasons – Asia operates on two seasons High and Low season, Low Season is May – October and high season is November – April. High season is the warmest time and the busiest. Low season usually means a lot of rain and less people. However, Thailand is a popular holiday destination all year round.

Plan your journey – some boats will be unable to travel to certain islands during low season due to tides and ocean swells, research your area before you visit and ensure the boats will be able to take to your chosen destination. During low season some islands will go down to a minimal – this may result in some hotels and restaurants closing. Be prepared – this is Thai’s down time and a chance to re- stock before the high season hits again.

Written by Alysha Cook