Travel Safety Advice Based on Our Survey Results

Travel Safety Advice Based on Our Survey Results
30th March 2021 Advice

Travel Safety Advice Based on our Survey Results

Based off of the responses we got from our recent survey, we wanted to provide you with some of our best advice for areas of travel a lot of people felt unsure about. This guide will cover going through the airport security process, feeling more comfortable flying, who to contact and where to go in an emergency and travelling from the airport to your accommodation.

Sailing on a boat on the wonderful Lago de Braies

Getting through security smoothly

Whilst going through airport security might be a daunting idea, it is important to know that they are there for your safety. As long as you don’t have anything to hide, then you won’t have anything to worry about getting through.

Some countries may prohibit different items than others, but if you are flying from the UK, you can visit this website to stay up to date with what you are allowed to take in your hand luggage. We recommend checking what you can and can’t bring beforehand, but if you don’t then prohibited items will be clearly labelled before you enter the security area. Don’t panic if you realise you have something you’re not allowed to carry on you! It’s easy to overlook certain items – just dispose of them in the bins provided.

You will be instructed to pass through a metal detector, so it’s a good idea to wear as little metal as possible to make the whole process easier. This includes things like belt buckles, watches or any other jewellery. You can place these in the plastic bins along with the rest of your hand luggage and collect them on the other side.

On the unlikely chance that the metal detector does go off as you pass through it, you don’t have anything to worry about, but be prepared to be patted down by security or taken to one side and scanned with a handheld scanner.

How to feel more comfortable flying

Anxiety before flying or at the thought of being in an aircraft is more common than you might think, and there are several small things that you can do which will go a long way in alleviating any potential stress or discomfort you may feel.

Before your trip, take the time to familiarise yourself with the layout of a plane. This includes the seating area, cockpit and what the plane looks like from the outside. Knowing the place you’ll be spending several hours in can go a long way to reducing stress levels as it minimises and potential surprises that might come up during your flight.

When booking your tickets, many airlines now offer the option to choose your own seats. If you are anxious about flying, we recommend picking a seat in the outside of the aisle so that you can get out of your seat more easily should you require and so you won’t be sat in such a confined area. Make sure to also bring something to keep you relaxed or distract you during the flight too. This could be a book or some of your favourite music – whatever you enjoy doing.

Looking out the window of a plane midair

Who to contact in an emergency

Before you go travelling, it is important to make sure to let friends or family members back home know. This sounds obvious, but it can be easily overlooked and having contacts you can trust in your home country can be very helpful in an emergency. It is also recommended that you research your nearest embassy’s contact information. You will need their help should you lose any of your important travel documents, such as your passport.

Making sure you have travel insurance is a given before you travel abroad, but also make sure that it covers accidents that may happen from whatever activities you choose to do whilst on holiday. Some insurance companies will offer you very specific policies, so don’t just go for the cheapest option and make sure you are covered for everything. If you suffer an accident, make sure to contact your insurance provider immediately so that they can help you straight away.

If you are travelling to a location that is on our Safer Travel website, make sure to visit that country page, as we list the embassy and emergency services contact numbers. We are working hard to continuously update our country and city pages, so follow our social media pages to stay up-to-date.

Travelling from the airport to your destination

How you decide to get to your accommodation from the airport is entirely up to you, but it is important to prepare for it ahead of your flight so that you can smoothly end your airport experience. Your transport options will greatly differ depending on your destination, for example if you are visiting a city, you will likely have greater public transport options.

The safest way to get to your accommodation would be to hire a private taxi through a reputable company, however these can be expensive. Public transport can be much more accessible, but does come with additional risk. We definitely recommend prebooking your transport instead of finding something when you get there. If you plan on using public transport, consider buying a saver pass that will give you unlimited access for the duration of your stay, as they often work out cheaper overall.

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We hope that our advice on these particular issues can alleviate some of your worries and make going abroad a much less stressful experience for you. After all, you should be enjoying your travels! Let us know if you would like to see content of this kind in the future. And, as always, safer travels.

Written by Joe Corfield.