Travel Packing List

Travel Packing List
24th January 2018 Safety

Travel packing List

When packing, we suggest being organised and thinking carefully about what you are taking with you. This will help to make your life much easier and you will be able to more easily spot if any items are missing or if any have been planted on you.

Items you will often use need to be in a compartment that can be easily reached.


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Essential list

  • Money belt – with a clip fastener, Day sack: 15 – 20L max.
  • First Aid kit + sterile needle set.
  • Head torch/small torch.
  • Hats appropriate to environment and Sunglasses, Sun cream with high UVA protection.
  • Water bottle (perhaps with built-in purification filter) + purification tablets.
  • Penknife/leatherman – make sure it’s not in your hand luggage when flying!
  • Sleeping bag liner – cotton or silk, Mosquito net. Insect repellent – suggest with DEET content of 30 -50% or use organic variants e.g. PreVent.
  • Travel Towel, Wet wipes/alcohol wipes – keeping hands hygienic will prevent diarrhea.
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Useful items

  • Series of stuff sacks for clothes, gadgets, etc.
  • Sleeping bag or lightweight quilt/poncho.
  • Padlock (for rooms and suitcases + small chain – combination not key). Door Lock.
  • Whistle/rape alarm. Contraceptives.
  • Mug & knife, fork & spoon.
  • Mini binoculars – ideal for birds and wildlife (thoroughly recommend).
  • Compass – if travelling in remote areas.
  • Cagoule/waterproof jacket/poncho. Travel head pillow. Travel wash.
  • Medical book – Bugs Bites and Bowels, Traveller’s Health or Rough Guide to Travel Health.
  • Tupperware container of useful things, Masking tape, String, Matches, Sewing kit.

Electrical Goods

  • Universal adaptor. Solar chargers for Ipods/mobiles.
  • Digital camera, Digital card reader – for ease of downloading photos onto Internet.
  • Mobile phone, Sim card reader protector.

Clothes and Footwear

We suggest only taking the minimum; good cheap clothes can be bought overseas. If you are going to harsh climates or trekking, then a little more warm clothing may be needed, but layering is the best solution.  Don’t take any military-style clothing and avoid white clothes (difficult to keep clean).

  • 2 x long baggy cotton or linen trousers, 2 x cotton long sleeve shirts.
  • A few T-shirts, 2 pairs shorts, Swimwear, Fleece or sweatshirt, 1 x non-crease skirt (for the girls).
  • Sarong or equivalent (ideal for visiting temples/mosques).
  • Wash bag (toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, liquid soap/soap in dish, razors)


  • Pair of sturdy footwear. Trainers/ cross trainers or Gore-Tex walking boots.
  • Pair of flip-flops or sandals