Think Twice Before Embarking on Cosmetic Surgery Tourism

Think Twice Before Embarking on Cosmetic Surgery Tourism
18th July 2018 Advice

Think Twice Before Embarking on Cosmetic Surgery Tourism

The medical tourism industry, which includes cosmetic surgery tourism, is growing at a rate of 18.8 percent annually, according to People opt for cosmetic surgery tourism because they want to save money on the cost of plastic surgery and it typically costs much less outside of the UK.

This doesn’t mean that it’s a bargain. Today, it’s time to talk about the very real risks associated with cosmetic surgery tourism, including death from infected wounds, scarring, necrosis, pulmonary embolism and deep vein thrombosis.


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Placing your trust in plastic surgeons in other countries may be fatal…

One UK Woman Died in a Bangkok Hospital

According to the website, placing your trust in plastic surgeons in other countries may be fatal. One UK resident, Joy Williams, visited Bangkok, Thailand’s SP clinic in fall of 2015, because she wanted to access cheap cosmetic surgery. She chose a highly-rated healthcare facility but ended up passing away in a Bangkok operating room, due to infected wounds. She would have been better off getting minimally-invasive plastic surgery in the UK, from a board-certified plastic surgeon. Botox is a minimally-invasive procedure that smooths out wrinkles. Another in-office procedure is dermal filler injections, such as Restylane or Radiesse, which add volume.

Severe Scarring May Occur

One UK mother and nursery manager named Laura Green told a reporter that her cosmetic surgery tourism left her with scars on her arms that continued to grow, rather than fading with time. She left the UK to get plastic surgery which would slim the contours of her “bingo wings”. Green traveled to Brussels, rather than flying to more exotic cosmetic surgery destinations, such as India or Thailand, but she still had problems. After her bad experience in Belgium, a UK plastic surgeon helped her to improve the look of her arms. The UK-based cosmetic surgeon said that the plastic surgeon in Brussels used glue, rather than stitches, sedated her rather than using anesthetic and nicked one of her nerves, which triggered post-op discomfort.


Necrosis Is a Possible Side Effect

Necrosis is also a risk, and a serious one. It happens when body tissue dies because it doesn’t get enough blood. Sue Briddick of Brighton, UK, travelled to Turkey seven years ago for a “mommy makeover” i.e. a tummy tuck and breast lift. After her botched procedure abroad, she developed necrosis and ended up in a British hospital for a full month. She’d almost died from her severe surgical complications.

Flying and Plastic Surgery Don’t Mix

Lastly, people should be aware that flying shortly before or after a plastic surgery procedure which is performed abroad raises the risk of pulmonary embolism or deep vein thrombosis, according to the website. Since there are so many reasons to shy away from cosmetic surgery tourism, it’s important to understand exactly what you’re getting into before you sign on for plastic surgery abroad. When it comes to plastic surgery, hiring a respected plastic surgery in England may be well worth the price.

Written by Lucy Benson