The Capital of Ecuador

The Capital of Ecuador
5th January 2018 Stories

The Capital of Ecuador

Travelling in South America we visited the capital of Ecuador, Quito. In researching this city we came across countless accounts warning how dangerous this city is. Don’t get me wrong they are right and I did hear some first hand accounts of terrifying muggings but we loved the city so don’t be put off. This place will forever be the city where I learnt to Salsa, went up to over 4000m in a cable car and spent too much at the famous Otavalo market.


Saying this we were particularly careful.

Saying this we were particularly careful. Respect advice and don’t go out at night especially carrying obvious possessions! The only time we went out after dark was in a group organised by the hostel where they were with us the whole time and sorted out taxis etc. Another big tip is to not have your valuables when walking around and if this isn’t possible security money belt that goes under your clothing is a good option. For taxis-please please make sure they are registered.

We usually got the hostel to call one for us or if we got one ourselves (e.g. from the bus station) remember only get in the ones with ORANGE license plates and a large registration sticker in the front wind screen. Ultimately, trust your gut and don’t feel panicked into making a quick decision whether to get in or not.

I am very jealous of anyone getting to travel to Quito and would definitely return as it is an amazing city where the people are vibrant and friendly.

Written by Lisa Earnshaw