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TEDxPocklingtonED – The event was held on 28th May 2015 at the prestigious Pocklington School where William Wilberforce once walked the halls and was one of its most notable pupils; he was an avid campaigner for the abolition of the slave trade and advocate for free thinking.

A journey of exploration, adventure and freethinking into the minds of inspired people, business leaders and individuals who will change the game and look to the future.

Richard Stuttle giving a TEDx talk

Our aim is to connect generations from baby boomers through generation X to generation Y and everything either side.


Our aim..

… to connect generations from baby boomers through generation X to generation Y and everything either side.

… to inspire people to be the best they can be and help them to create a successful business approach.

… to unite people through creativity and contemporary methods of communication, freeing minds from the bonds of traditional thought.

To provide inspiration on enhanced learning techniques:

  • Current technology and contemporary communication.
  • Innovative ways to think outside the ordinary.
  • Educational learning and development techniques.
  • Digital world interaction and communication.

Our aim is to highlight how people can embrace lifelong learning and creative education to further their personal and business development.

We are interested in showcasing the evolution of learning through generations and how new technology and mental development can make a significant difference to everyone from students to business leaders.

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  • Eric Hunter – Author “The Sherlock Syndrome”
  • Jon Tait – Deputy Head Teacher, Acklam Grove
  • Paul K Ainsworth – Education Leader
  • Rose Drew- Anthropologist and poet
  • Alan Gillott – Poet
  • Laurence O’Reilly – Poet
  • Charli Goodfellow – Poet
  • Raja Saggi – Head of B2B Marketing, Google UK
  • Anja-Karina Pahl – Programme Director, The Future of Inspiration CIC
  • Jacky Fitt – Author “How to get inside someone’s mind and stay there”
  • Clive Head – International Artist
  • Helen Whittaker – Stained Glass Artist
  • Julia Baker – Digital Development and Communications Learning and communication
  • Jonathan Tait-Harris – UN Advisor and Head of Business Development, International Location Safety
  • T.J. Cook – CEO Causelabs
  • Adrian Asher – Global Head of IT Security, HSBC.
  • Craig Gillchrist – CEO Created in Eden


To unite bright minds – our next generation of business leaders and active members of national and international business communities.