Safety in Thailand

Safety in Thailand
16th December 2017 Safety

Safety in Thailand

Thailand is high up on many people’s wish lists. However recently the throngs of British tourists have been wary about visiting following a number of high profile murders that have occurred there, such as Hannah Witheridge and David Miller.

The Telegraph has used the statistic of around 80 Britons dying a year. However, the government does not advise against travel and instead encourage certain safety procedures to diminish risk.


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These tips range from checking ‘peep’ holes,making sure windows are secure…

These tips range from checking ‘peep’ holes, making sure windows are secure and never walking along the beaches alone. Continually reiterated is the importance of modest clothing especially following a night out and never to leave your drink unattended or accept a drink from a stranger as spiking is prevalent. I therefore recommend you research all the advice given by different companies and if you’re still nervous The Tourist Authority of Thailand’s website and call centre (1672-press ‘9’ for English) is able to provide some general advice to tourists in English.

Further numbers which could be useful are the Thai Tourist police generic phone number which is 1155 and add it to your phone speed dial list and in the event of a consular emergency involving a life or death situation, call the switchboard number 023058333 (UK consular and embassy).

So be sensible and don’t forget the rules you would apply to any country such as making sure you can be seen and heard at all times if an emergency were to arise. While the place is majestic and you’ll have an amazing trip, don’t forget that while you’re on holiday you still need to keep your wits about you!

Written by Lisa Earnshaw