Debunking the Myths – Travelling Alone

Debunking the Myths – Travelling Alone
22nd January 2018 Safety

Debunking the Myths – Travelling Alone

Myth: You should never travel alone.

Truth: Although your family meant this well, this false phrase really shouldn’t hold you back from exploring the world alone. Many travellers go it alone, whether due to needing their own space or having friends with different interests. No matter what the reason, if you make safe choices you can have an amazing time on your own and make everyone jealous with the pictures afterwards!

Person hiking in South America

Safety tips on travelling alone:

  1. Dress appropriately and keep ostentatious jewellery to a minimum.
  2. Respect the culture and traditions of a country and be aware of these before you arrive.
  3. Keep to well lit, public areas on a night. Ask your hotel for advice on any areas to stay away from. Sometimes a certain street can be known for robbery or assaults and your hotel reception will know this information.
  4. If you worry about getting lonely, hostels are a great option as there will be like minded travellers to mingle with.
  5. Make a note of important phone numbers. Some crucial ones are the local police, your hotel reception, an emergency contact and your doctor.
  6. Don’t let people know you are travelling alone, if you are lost and need directions make out that you are meeting a friend.
  7. Don’t draw attention to the fact that you are a tourist.
  8. Walk confidently and stay calm.

Best destinations for single traveller:

New Zealand

This place is an amazing adventure waiting to happen with bungee jumping, skiing, caving and rafting on the menu. However it also boasts friendly and helpful natives as well as thousands of like-minded backpackers, making it the perfect destination for anyone travelling alone for the first time.


Here you’ll find a breathtaking view that can be discovered by boat, bus or rail. This beautiful, safe destination is no stranger to young single travellers with a number of youth hostels, campsites and even monasteries. With safe accommodation and easy transport within the country it’s a great place for a scenic trip alone.


Dubbed ‘one of Europe’s friendliest countries’ you certainly won’t have a hard time with the locals here. Germany’s many festivals, traditions and customs (In the Spree Forest, post is still delivered by punting boat) will make this a holiday full of experiences and culture.

Written by Chelsie Sinton