15th December 2017 Stories


To many people Belgium is now associated with the horrific terrorist incident which occurred at Zaventem International airport and Maalbeek station in Brussels in 22nd March 2016.

This should never be forgotten and does change certain practices in Belgium’s policies, in particular additional security in public places and public transport.

Busy Russian square

Belgium has so much to offer…

However, Belgium has so much to offer and still is a great place to visit. Brussels, Bruges and Antwerp are just some of the cities that experience floods of tourists annually. Belgium offers the perfect mix of history from the architecture to WW1 battlefields as well as providing opportunities within the cosmopolitan environment. Furthermore, of course Belgium is renowned for food and drinks-waffles, chocolate and beer to name but a few.

The best advice is to remain vigilant-just as you would in any country- and if you are attending a large event check updates from police on whether an increase in security could affect timing or lead to the event’s cancellation.

Written by Lisa Earnshaw