A River Cruise to Moscow

A River Cruise to Moscow
3rd March 2018 Teddy Travels

Teddy Trip to Russia – A River Cruise to Moscow

The river cruise is such a safe way to travel. You are escorted on and off the ship. Tour guides are with you constantly along with some of the crew from the ship. You are assigned a group number when sightseeing and you stay with this group throughout the week.

You hand in your room key before you leave the ship and you are then provided with a pass. Everyone is accounted for when you return to the ship as you hand your pass back in for your room key.

Rainbow Bear by the water

The Hermitage Museum, one if the biggest museums in the world.


We joined MS Rostropovich for the Volga river cruise, starting at St Petersburg. Greeted with a traditional bread & salt welcome ceremony.


Discovered the sights of St. Petersburg. Smolny Cathedral, St Isaacs Cathedral, Chapel of St Catherine the martyr & the tomb of Nicolas 2nd, members of his family & the servants. The Church of the Saviour on spilled blood, the Winter Palace & The Hermitage Museum, one if the biggest museums in the world.


The historic village of Mandrogui, where the homes are crafted in gingerbread house style woodwork. The village is also a showcase of traditional Russian life. Craft centres demonstrate wood carvings, weaving & pottery. Putin painting a Matryoshka doll (Russian Nesting Doll). There is the Museum of Russian Vodka with over 2000 vodkas. Teddy eating the traditional Russian mini pies called Pirozhki.


Island of Kizhi. Located on Lake Onega, this UNESCO-listed site is one of the most scenic destinations on the Volga (when it’s not throwing it down with rain..). The island is known for its wooden churches. It’s centrepiece is the Church of the Transfiguration, which was built without the use of nails, boasts 22 onion domes.


Goritsy, perched on the edge of the White Lake. Highlights are the Kirillo-Belozersky Monastery. Ivan the terrible parents prayed here for an heir before his birth. Also there is the Goritsy nunnery founded in 1544 by Princess Efrosiniya, the wife of one if Ivan the Terribles sons. Back on board we enjoyed Blini (Russian pancakes) & a Russian Tea Ceremony. Teddy with a couple of American friends…spreading awareness.


Town of Uglich, whose history is entwined with the suspicious death of Prince Dmitry, he headed here to attempt to flee the reign of his father Ivan the Terrible. Teddy with a display of the Russian Lacquer Boxes.
St.Nicholas Monastery bell tower in nearby Kalyazin. Part if the town flooded to form the Uglich reservoir.


Moscow. Discovered Red Square & St Basil’s Cathedral, the Kremlin & it’s grounds inc Cathedral Square.

A river cruise is all in all a great way to see a lot of places in a secure and familiar environment.

Safety Tips

  • Use the boats safe or your room safe for your personal belongings
  • When sightseeing only take the money you need for the day
  • Ensure the staff know your likes and dislikes
  • Tell people your plans so others know when to expect you