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Budapest during the Refugee Crisis

Nearing the end of a highly enjoyable first year at university, with only the dim prospect of revision for my end of year exams to light my evening, and the prospect of a long dull summer ahead, I decided to ring an old school friend. Talk soon switched to how we would be spending our summers and inevitably holidays. After a year at university, fuelled by cheap alcohol, the prospect of a week in Ibiza did not fill me with joy. While I had travelled around Europe the previous summer, soaking up the equally as cheap and exiting, but undeniably more cultured party scenes of some of Europe’s greatest cities, he had decided to join the RAF. I decided to show him what he had been missing.

After discussing time scales and budgets, we decided that we would first travel to Budapest, one of my favourite destinations of the previous summers trip; to show him the exiting mix of culture, scenery and nightlife which had so encapsulated me on my first visit. We would then hop on the relaxing RailJet to travel on to Vienna, a city I neither of us had properly visited. Having only seen a fleeting glimpse of its majestic architecture through a misty train window, on a drizzly morning the previous summer.

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Russia is high up on my bucket list! I have been desperate to visit with the architecture, palaces and different culture really grabbing me. The sheer size of Russia means there is so much to see and experience. Russia’s 17 million square kilometres possesses the largest river in Europe, the world’s largest lake, the world’s deepest freshwater lake and Europe’s highest peak. Furthermore, Russia boasts phenomenal cultural sights with the Bolshoi ballet, opera and White Nights Festival.

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To many people Belgium is now associated with the horrific terrorist incident which occurred at Zavertern International airport and Maalbeek station in Brussels in 22nd March 2016.  This should never be forgotten and does change certain practices in Belgium’s policies, in particular additional security in public places and public transport.

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Latest on the Zika Virus

Anyone travelling or planning a trip will of course want to know more about the Zika virus. It has recently exploded onto global recognition with Barbados, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, French Guiana, Guadelope, Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Martinique, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, Saint Mattin, Suriname, Venezuaela all having confirmed cases.

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Safety in Thailand

Thailand is high up on many people’s wish lists. However recently the throngs of British tourists have been wary about visiting following a number of high profile murders that have occurred there, such as Hannah Witheridge and David Miller. The Telegraph has used the statistic of around 80 Britons dying a year. However, the government does not advise against travel and instead encourage certain safety procedures to diminish risk.

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Fijian Recovery from Cyclone Wayne

The turtles, the beaches, the flower leis are all reasons why Fiji is a popular destination for travellers from the UK. The recent Cyclone Wayne also should not stop you wanting to visit this beautiful country!

The cyclone hit occurred on the 20th-21st February with winds reaching gusts of 325 km creating waves up to 12 metres high. This undoubtedly caused disruption and a 30 day state of Natural Disaster. However, the tourist resorts have faired pretty well.

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Thailand Experience

Travelling has always been an ambition of mine. Upon finishing uni I decided it was a perfect opportunity to celebrate and experience life in a different country. As well as fulfil one of my dreams.  

I decided upon Thailand because of the combination of Adventure, culture and relaxation. I wanted to fully immerse myself into the Thai culture as well as visiting the generic tourist attractions.  Therefore I decided to split up my trip by visiting iconic locations as well as going off the backpackers trail to teach English to Thai children.

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