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  • Objective Gap Safety

    Safety Course which teaches young people how to prepare for their gap year and how to deal with problems they may face...

    Prepare and be safe. Our intention is to help students recognise danger by teaching them to think on their feet and interpret situations confronting them - without terrifying the living daylights out of them.

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  • The service at York Minster was beautiful, a very fitting tribute to Caroline, she would have been very proud of what we have all achieved over the last 10 years. Everyone at Caroline's Rainbow Foundation would like to offer our greatest thanks to everyone who attended the service and offered thoughts and prayers for Caroline.

    Caroline wanted to live in a world where people have the freedom to for-fill their dreams and encouragement to do so.

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  • Caroline’s Rainbow Foundation has received a rainbow of support from across the world...
    In 2005 a rainbow mosaic was carved into the pavement at the Coppergate Centre in York in memory of Caroline. Now five years on Caroline’s family have been contacted by locals in Bundaberg, the Australian town where Caroline lost her life, with the touching news that a similar mosaic has been carved into the pavement at a local Bundaberg park in tribute to Caroline. A beautiful park popular with backpackers located within 100 metres of 3 hostels.

Caroline's Rainbow Foundation

Caroline's Rainbow Foundation is a registered UK charity working to raise awareness of the importance of safe travel to young people, whether they are going abroad for independent travel, gap year placements, organised tours or simply thinking about visiting a different country.

Caroline's Rainbow Foundation was established after the tragic death of Caroline Stuttle in 2002 in Bundaberg Australia whilst travelling on her gap year.

Aimed at young travellers, CRF works with the education sector, The Foreign Office and other organisations, trusts and charities to provide easily accessible and helpful information about safe travel. In particular the charity provides information about personal safety abroad and encourages young people to recognise and prioritise life’s values wherever they may be in the world.

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Alfredo's Travel Blog

AlfredoHi! My name is Alfredo Castro and I am from Cordoba in Spain. I am 26 years old and although I studied for my degree in Journalism in my country, life allows me to live and travel around the United Kingdom. I am very pleased to have the opportunity to tell you about my travels and experiences; all of them with a consideration of Travel Safety.

I have always thought the world is too big for only unique lifestyle and culture, read my thoughts on an ever shrinking world... Click Here

Jessica's Travel Blog

Jessica Blog picJessica here, a 22 year old student with a major love of travel. I'm currently studying at York St John University for a degree in Media, and hope to put my passion for travelling to good use in the future, and become a travel journalist. Over the years, I have visited some of the most amazing and beautiful countries and cities across Europe, and had some unforgettable experiences. After graduating, I plan to continue my travels and explore the rest of the world.

Aside from making memories that will last a lifetime, it is so important to stay safe and in-the-know wherever your travels take you, and to be aware of the potential risks you could face when abroad.

I hope this blog will be an interesting, enjoyable, and informative insight into my previous travels, and hopefully inspires you to go out and see what the world has to offer. - Click Here

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Safety and travel information for deaf travellers

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