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Going out in York.

It reaches a point where young people want their independence, they are old enough to look after themselves. This may be true but with age comes experience and wisdom, and this should not be forgotten.

We are very lucky in York as it is a safe city, people are friendly and most want to be happy and have a good time. The city is quite big and events are happening in many different locations every week.

Going out to events can be fun, you know it is going to be the best thing happening this week and not to be missed! Getting there can be a problem, when you are not old enough to drive what are your options?

Parents might not want you going out alone, they might not think you know the rules regarding your safety. Here are a few things you should think about when your travelling around our beautiful city.

Top Travel Tips

Take time to have a read through our top travel tips.

crf starAlways do your research before you go. Find out about the different cultures and laws where you plan to visit. Even America, Australia and other English speaking countries have different ways to the UK. The more prepared you are the better; it could save you being fined or arrested.
crf starDon't save money by purchasing the cheapest insurance or choosing no insurance at all. To be safe you should be covered for full medical attention. Even a simple visit to a doctor can cost what seems to be a fortune at the time. Check out the small print especially if you plan to do any unusual sports like scuba diving, skydiving or bungee jumping - often people don’t realise they‘re not insured until it’s too late.

Drinking Age Restrictions

If you are planning to drink alcohol while you are travelling, it is imperative you check the most recent drinking age laws, particularly if you are under 21. Most countries have a law that allows 18-year-olds to drink and some countries are less than that but the following countries have different rules:

It is illegal to drink alcohol in the following countries:

Kuwait, Yemen, Afghanistan, Brunei, Bangladesh, Iran, Libya, Saudi Arabia and Sudan


London 2012 Olympics - Travel Safety

Olympic Rings

 London 2012 Olympic Games


Pick your Route - When travelling around London during the 2012 Olympiad have an alternative route available incase of delays or congestion.

Timings - With a huge volume of people arriving in London for the Olympics there are sure to be delays, if you have tickets or strict arrival times it is advisable to leave extra time for your journey.

Opportunists - Be aware when moving in large crowds, keep an eye on your belongings at all times. Make sure your bag is closed, locked and secure in case of pick pockets and bag snatchers.

Girls Travel Club

Girls Travel Club

Girls' Travel Club was started by Becci Coombes, following two long trips backpacking around the world. She wrote a journal full of tips, recipes, anecdotes and bad jokes while she was travelling and kept notes of all the remedies she found useful..

She was also frustated by the lack of beautiful and useful things for female travellers and holidaymakers, and was very aware how people who have not travelled before get sucked into buying a 100 litre rucksack full of things they'll never use, or that are full of nasty chemicals and additives! She hopes GTC we can change all that, and keep you safe and healthy at the same time! Here are some of her top tips:

How to Travel Safely in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is a beautiful country. Despite its touchy political situation and fragile economy this landlocked jewel in Southern Africa is well worth a visit. While Zimbabwe is slowly making its comeback as a tourist destination, most Zimbabweans still live in poverty. Despite the economic situation and a depressed infrastructure Zimbabwe’s people are still amazingly friendly and crime remains relatively low.

Female Travel Tips

Although some of us live in an equal society, many people in the world do not and in some places women are treated quite differently to men. It is important for all travellers to be aware of these cultural differences when visiting such countries and to take steps to reduce the risk of any dangers.        

Don't announce that you are travelling alone. If you think you are being followed walk confidently and calmly into a shop, hotel or any other busy place. Wait to see if the person who was following has moved on. You can always ask someone else to look for you and check the person has gone. Often the best people to ask are other women or family groups. 

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